‘For This Cause’ is an award-winning true account of Nascosta InCristo seven year battle with heroin addiction. It is a detailed, often graphic account of how drugs were her escape route from the pain of homelessness, a life of crime and prostitution and broken relationships. In the book she shares how God made Himself known to her at different times and in different situations. When she cried out to him; He would answer. Nascosta said, “He felt my anguish when I was locked up in my prison of addiction, a deep pit from which I was unable to escape.”

Her account shares her failings and flaws in ugly detail, not sparing the reader and not sugar-coating her life of crime and addiction. It is due to God’s infinite love, mercy and grace for the sin-stricken soul, that Nascosta is alive and well today. In her book Nascosta tells how “God reached down in to the pit she was mired in and lifted her out, giving her hope and introducing her to a new life, lived in His (Gods) resurrection power.”

“There were many struggles and battles (which she has shared in detail) but God would not be thwarted in his plans to save and deliver her. She gradually came to realise the depth and extent of His love and responded to it. Her life is a testimony to God’s love for broken humanity and the healing power of His love. Her life is proof that God can take any life, no matter its state, and fill it with hope, joy, love and purpose.”


This is my story from when I was a street kid back in 1986. My name is Trish Coombes and I was better known as 'Pizza'.

Pictures of real people from the book "For This Cause" 

Promotional video for the book "For This Cause"

Hay House Radio Interview In America 2015