Hi My name is Patricia Coombes.

I was born in December 1971 in Mt Lawley Perth Western Australia. Both my Parents are Italian and I am the oldest of three sisters.

I’m married with 5 beautiful Children, 2 boys and 3 girls, oldest being twenty four years old and the youngest girl only ten. My husband and I have been running our own cleaning business since 2007, called “Coombesy’s Cleaning Service” in Stanthorpe Queensland where we reside.

We are also very involved in the life of our local church, “Vineyard Christian Church” which we’ve been attending regularly for the past 10 years.

Through the church I have been involved in Religious education classes with my Pastor at our local High School, where I get to share my testimony with the kids and point out the dangers of drug addiction. It gives me a great sense of purpose to be able to shed some light in this area, as young people are very vulnerable and naive to these types of peer pressures within our schools and societies.

Stanthorpe is a small town but a close knit community. People here are very aware of my back ground and I enjoy sharing my story with them on an everyday basis.

Over the years I met my friend , A clinical Drug worker in our community who has given me the privilege of meeting some of his clients battling addiction. Whilst building relationships with them I was able to sympathise and be of support whenever needed. A Cause I’m willing to give my time to.

“For This Cause” is an open honest account of my life as a former drug addict and criminal, but ultimately an account of how I have now dedicated this whole new life of mine to the “Cause” of Christ – to set captives free.


Below are some of my criminal records and medical reports that are referred to in the book.